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                       YAPIKO DEMO REEL 2014


Please contact us for getting quotes of further informations or to have full access to animators' videos ! 


Amazarashi : Animated video clip !

Thanks to PH Studio, Yapiko-Animation had the chance to work on the last video clip of the famous Japanese band Amazarashi that you can see on their Youtube channel !

We are very proud of the final result, a very good mix between poetry and technical achievement !!

Here is the link !

For those who can't wait and need to see it on our wonderful site, here it is below those lines !


YAPIKO-ANIMATION is wishing you all the best for this upcoming year, full of beautiful projects and success for whatever your are intend to do !! 

SIDERA : 1st sequence uploaded !

During the first months of this year, we had the opportunity to work with Cat fish Deluxe on the animated sequences for Lou! Journal Infime ; the movie we already talked about here.

For those who didn't had the chance to see this-really good- movie, we have uploaded the first sequence, also called the Opening Sequence of Sidera! Enjoy !!

We still can't thank the people that worked with us on this project enough !

Asterion : Pilot and cut scene

Several months after completing the Pilot, here is a cut scene we are allowed to show on our Yapiko Website !

Remember that you can still watch the full pilot HERE.

URBANCE Kickstarter Campaign

Yapiko is proud to join a new French-Canadian production: Urbance !!

We have been seduced by the unusual approach of this project, as it goes away from traditionnal animated series and the kind of subjects it proposes to speak about, a very modern way of treating some our society aspects. 

This is truly a new big challenge that we are eager to handle if the kickstarter is fulfilled.

We will build a dream team around Mr Shimizu by calling other japanese animation great names if there is enough resources to do it !

For further details about Urbance, please go HERE


Since the end of the Asterion pilot, Yapiko has worked very hard to produce almost 6 minutes of animation for a French  live movie, named LOU! Journal Infime (see the trailer).

It began with the crazy idea of the movie's director to show the thoughts of one of the main characters in animation, and by accepting this challenge, it ended by a super cool collaboration between us and the CATFISH DELUXE crew, they took in charge the graphic bible and the art direction of the 4 sequences mixing 2D and 3D !! Those moments in the movie have been called SIDERA, the name of the animated character that we have animated.

The 2D animation of the project has been done in Japan, the CGI and the compositing have been done in France : this is what Yapiko is about.

An ENORMOUS THANKS to all the people that made this adventure possible, this was a very hard work but it was worth it!!! We are very proud of it !!

The movie is out on October 8, 2014 in France, please go see it to see our collaborative work in 2K !!!

For those who cannot see the movie, we will put the animated sequences on our website once we will be allowed to, so stay tuned !!

Asterion Pilot

Great news !!

After months of effort, the pilot of Asterion is over !!

This is truly our first command work coming from France, and among all the great artists we are used to work with, we've got the great honor to collaborate with Master Kobayashi who has accepted to make the backgrounds for this pilot !


At the end of the day, the vintage look and feel Pollux Animation wanted has been greatly rendered, the animation quality is great and all the artists are happy with the final result, which is very important for us for the future !


Along with the animation production of the pilot, Yapiko took in charge all the communication process between France and Japan in order to make the production runs smoothly, matching Pollux Animation's wills and the japanese artists skills, whether being in France or during the recurring trips to Japan.


Due to rights restrictions owned by Pollux Animation, we will put a short cut of the pilot on Yapiko's website once it will be officially released on the internet !

Please visit Pollux Animation website to watch it !

We wish this pilot good luck et hope that this will lead to a great show !!


Asterion finished, no time to rest for Yapiko, we are already working on another exciting project !!!

Happy New Year 2014 !

Yapiko-Animation and its crew wish you a big and happy new year 2014, may this year be full of projects and beautiful achievements in the wonderful Animation's world to all of you !!


Regarding our studio, we have right now a very exciting start of year will a lot of missions to fulfill, this will give us a chance to show our experience and professionalism.

The strong bound that we have built between France and Japan will be hardened more than one time through all the challenges that we are undertaking for this upcoming year!


So stay tuned and please come and visit our website to hear about more information regarding what we are doing !!



We are excited to present the new tv serie project Asterion created by Pollux animation studio which who we team up with artistic support and japanese expertise.

We expect this serie to find her audience, references come mainly from 80ies anime tv series.

Actually the project is seeking for budget to realise a pilote who will be done in Japan. We count on you!




Yapiko supports a young compositor artist (Chris Trigger) to realize a musical clip through a crazy universe.

seeking financing


Afureko is now available on Itunes in English and French.


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